Backyard Ice Rinks are fun!

Tools Needed

Tools needed to Build a Backyard Ice Rink.

Here's a listing of what you'll need to create your rink.

Drill.JPG A Phillips or Box head screw driver (preferably a cordless screwdriver or drill.)  There are about 50 screws that need to be put in, so something that makes it easier is welcome.
A Saw (preferably a circular saw, but a hand saw will work.)  There are only 8 cuts needed in total, and that's if you're going the fancy route.  You can do it without cuts if you want.
A Mitre Box (optional, it's outdoor temporary work.)  Mitreing the corners makes it so that the you don't need mending plates on the 8 corner joints.
A Sledge Hammer.  You'll use this to pound the rebar into the earth.
StapleGun.JPG A Staple Gun (optional, rocks work as an alternative. In some respects rocks are preferable.)
Water.JPG A garden hose long enough to reach from your tap to the furthest point on your rink.


That's it for the tools. Let's build a rink!

Backyard Ice Rinks are cool!